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Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining Rights should not be restricted by the Government – Period. The labor force of America has a right to pool their resources, and to collectively bargain for better pay and better benefits. Right to Work laws diminish the voice of the average American worker by imposing restrictions on Unionization, allowing for Corporations to abuse the workforce by offering low wages, non-existent benefits or healthcare coverage, and creates an uneven playing field. It’s time for a change, it’s time to promote and expand the rights of the average worker to Unionize.

Government Shut-down

The ability of the Government to use a shut-down as a political tool damages the credibility of Government, hurts federal workers and our troops, makes us less safe and over-all is a bad concept. If elected, I will introduce a bill to suspend pay for Congress during any shut-down, without back-pay being earned. All benefits associated with Congress would be suspended, like Healthcare and Pensions during any length of shut-down. If our service members and federal employees are not being paid, neither should Congress until a compromise is reached and Government reopened.  

Term Limits

Being elected to office should be a civic duty, not a career. I would support any legislation to enact Term Limits on elected officials.

Border Security

Our National Borders need to be secured, but that should not be true of just the Southern Border. We need to increase border patrols, hire more workers to do those patrols, while also implementing programs to restrict banking for anyone here illegally. No solution will ever be 100% effective in keeping out immigrants who decide to enter illegally, but we can put in place processes that limit their ability to have access to funds, and to by-pass detection. We should have a centralized bio-metric database of anyone entering the country on tourist, student and working visas and require bio-metric finger scanning on any banking transaction that would report the persons legal standing in the USA. If they over-stay their visas, and attempt to wire money, cash a check or perform any other banking transaction, the system would notify the appropriate authorities. Spending 5.7b on a partial border fence will not accomplish the job. I am ok with upgrading existing border fencing, but we do not need a wall that spans our entire southern border.

Marriage Equality

Marriage has two components. There is the Holy Marriage Ceremony administered by the Church or Wedding Officiant and then there is the Civil Marriage Contract which is filed with the State that encompasses the rights of Marriage. The Government has no business telling the Church who they can or can not Marry as part of their religious ceremony, but so too, the Church has no business advising the State who can enter into a Civil Marriage. A Civil Marriage is a legal contract between two individuals of legal age, regardless of their gender, their gender identity, their sexual orientation or their faith. It's a contract that protects a person's family, their assets, and ensures that a person's estate transfers to whom they want. 

Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

The right to vote is one of our most cherished privileges. A more equal opportunity for all Americans to exercise that “right” is needed and justified. Make election day a federal holiday in both presidential and midterm election years.

Elevating the U.S. Teaching Profession

Equal access for all children to high quality schools and teachers is a fairness-of-opportunity issue and a priority national need if America is going to compete successfully in the global marketplace. America’s teaching force, our “future makers”, is being decimated by low pay, high preparation costs, and low professional status. The United States must put into place a professionally competitive salary schedule for all teachers; provide full tuition loan forgiveness for the completion of five successful years of classroom teaching; and create a Teacher Sponsored Innovation Fund (TSI), governed by former national and state teachers of the year that would fund new and innovative approaches to improving our public school outcomes, submitted and implemented by those closest to our education challenges, our classroom teachers.

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